most annoying posts on FB

1) Pics of your alcohol. YOU’RE SO COOL!
Most of us are in college now, I think we know what BP is. Only people who don’t drink/rarely drink take pics of a bottle of Henny, then post it on FB. Idc if it’s Blue Label, point is, I don’t care that you’re drinking, rebel.

2) Bible verses. When did it suddenly become cool to post a quote from the Bible every other day? Idk if it’s a hipster thing or an attempt at getting likes but seriously, keep it to yourself, please. I’m not hating, it’s just annoying. You say it’s empowering or significant to you, okay, but don’t impose it every other day on others.

3) People tagging pics of you when you’re shit-faced. Come on now. No evidence. You all should know there’s barely any web privacy now, so do yourselves a favor and don’t post incriminating pics and don’t tag anyone if someone else does post something. Or else don’t ask why those people didn’t ask you to hang with them again 2 nights ago.

Facebook has slowly turned to crap since high school. Still considering deleting mine and switching to LinkedIn. Timeline’s just pointless.