I just can’t seem to put my mind and focus into school anymore like the way I used to. Freshman year was nothing but now it’s not just harder but I just don’t feel like trying anymore. I can’t understand it myself but…..something IS bothering me. Guess I just can’t pin it on something yet.

Noticed that I’ve been going out for long night drives more often now. Didn’t realize it until my ISDS class’ hw required us to make a expense sheet of our past 3 months’ expenses and I noticed the increase in gas consumption.

Cars….no real hobby has stuck with me except my car. I guess looking up/getting parts/doing maintenance on it is my escape from worrying about the future/classes/etc.

Definitely need to go back to the gym on a regular basis. Things were a lot simpler when I went home tired as hell, no energy to overthink just sleep.