Car problems

Frickin leaky shiz.

The Vanos oil line was always slowly leaking and building up residue but now it’s basically spitting out the synthetic oil that I keep putting in to replace what leaked out.

The power steering is also leaking. Thankfully the O-ring needed to fix it is cheap.

Instead of just replacing those two things, I want to 1-up the maintenance and replace a few other hoses. Call it overkill or love or preventative maintenance (probably a little of the last two) but I want to keep this car running for as long as I can.

Labor will be a bi***. A lot of crap will need to be taken out to get to the faulty parts and once those are replaced, everything will need to be re-assembled. Mech guys are seriously surgeons in their own respect.
Also, I heard something rattling around on the underbelly when I was driving with the windows down. Can’t wait to find out how much I have to pay for that problem.

She’s starting to bleed my wallet out and is sick all the time now……but…it’s still worth it…I just love the MY E46 too much.

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