7AM: Get up. Get breakfast
9-9:30AM: Chiropractor. Crack my back, muscle therapy, etc
10-10:50AM: Class
11:10-11:20AM: Drop off my bigass rental SUV to Enterprise. Head over to Hertz in West Covina
11:30AM-12PM: Get a new rental car at a cheaper price. Hoping for a Corolla or Altima
12-12:45PM: Lunch
1PM: Haircut
1:30-2:30PM: Finally, a break
3-10:30PM: Work.

I have now driven a few other cars ranging from a SUV to a compact. And I will be in another compact tomorrow.

I must say, none of them can compare to the handling and looks and speed of my old car. Allstate needs to give me my money sooner, I could be in a ZHP in 3 days already if it weren’t taking this long for that check to get written/sent.

RIP……..I won’t ever forget that day….or that senile asshole. What he took from me that night was just a car to him but to me, it was more than that. I don’t care if I get handed an ‘05 6-spd E46 M3 with 0 miles right now, it still won’t be the same. I already put in all that time and money into it and now it’s worth 0. Zero dollars, zero value, zero use.

All I have left from the wreckage is the license plate frame and the key. Couldn’t even get my CD’s out of the glove box since the passenger door was dented in and blocked it. How did the side get so damaged? He panicked and floored it instead of hitting the brakes like me.