Before: 2005 silbergrau (silver grey) 325Ci with sport package, black leather interior and wood trim. Bought at 80,000, total loss at 112,500.

After: 2005 silbergrau (silver grey) 330Ci ZHP with grey leather interior and silver cube trim. Bought at 71,000.

Pros: “///\/" rims, ///\/\ steering wheel, +10 HP over the regular 330Ci, adaptive (self-adjusting) xenon headlights, Harmon Kardon sound, power seats, front/rear bumper, Bluetooth works, auto. Yes auto is a pro. L.A. traffic sucks and 6-speed’ers would give me arthritis within weeks. And it’s acting as my daily.
& ZHP’s are rarer than E46 M3’s (less of them produced).

Cons: It’s grey leather interior, not black. Wood trim looked better than the cube. Power seats worry me. Backseat leather has some light folds. Test drive revealed nothing out of the ordinary under the hood but further driving always reveals at the very least, small minor things. Left side of the front bumper under the splitter has some paint chipped off, probably due to scraping a concrete parking bar/divider.

Overall, glad to be back in an E46. It saved my life and it looks a hell of a lot better to me than the F-series or even the E9x’s.

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